Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Miss Peregrine's home for peculiar children, Retell

Hello and welcome back to my blog today I am going to show you my retell of Miss Peregrine's home for peculiar children. I choose to retell Miss Peregrine's home for peculiar children because I really enjoyed the movie.

Miss Peregrine's home for peculiar children Retell

Jake opened the door to his Grandfather's house. Grandpa's  fly screen door was shredded into pieces, something had entered His Grandfather’s old Flatt . Grandpa had disappeared from his flat. Jake grabbed Grandpa’s old antique torch that was left to him from Jake's Grandmother, Jake ran outside to torch would not work, Jake slapped the torch and finally the torch glitch and flamed into light. Grandpa  was on the grass in a odd position. Grandpa grabbed Jake’s arm in pain. Jake looked at Grandpa’s eyes, his eye sockets were empty, What had happened to his Grandfather? Jake saw a tall monster was and a man with bright white hair and tiny black pupils. His eyes were discolored. Jake was going crazy  about the stories his now lost had told him about the Peculiars. Jake had to find them for his Grandfather's sake.

Jake jumped on a boat to find the children. He jumped off and walked around Wales. He finally found a old building that had been burnt  to the ground. There was a bit of rocking stone left over. Jake was disappointed he would not find them. But in the corner his eye Jake saw the building  come back to life. With tiny dents in the glass. Jake just had to explore. Just before he opened the door he saw a small sign it said.
Miss Peregrine's
              Home for Peculiar Children
In Jake’s mind he was going crazy. He was finally going to meet the Peculiars. It was like he was in Grandpa’s stories.

Jake was walking down the corridor. His footsteps made loud thuds on the wooden floor. Two little heads peek out around the door. Then a girl with metal shoes. Jake ran out of the Building screaming. He tripped on a rock and crashes to the ground. Jake wakes up in a cart with the girl with the metal shoes and twins. They arrive at a big fancy house. “Your late Jake” said Miss Peregrine “Huh” said Jake “ Miss Peregrine” Said Miss Peregrine putting her hand out.

Jake ignored her hand. A little girl came and lifted him up “Is this little girl, Bronwyn” “ Yes Jake” said Bronwyn. A boy came out of a door and Said “come with me”  “Are you Enoch” said Jake Enoch did not really like Jake so he ignored him. They walked into a little room. A boy was in a bed his eye sockets were empty like his Grandfather. Enoch put a heart in the boy. The boy stayed still and in a fast motion he sat up giving Jake a fright. “ Hello my name is Victor  would you like to know how I died. Jake ran out of the building again.

But a giant monster called a Hollow  grabbed him with its giant tentacles on his head. Its tongue was side to side along his eyes. Was this going to be Jake's death. But suddenly a girl on a rope flew to Jake that was the girl with the metal shoes “Hello my name is Emma” “No time to talk” said Jake. Emma could not see the Hollow. Emma some how managed to distract the Hollow. Miss Peregrine shot the Hollow. Emma grabbed Jake and Miss Peregrine pulled them down. Jake thanked them and he met all the peculiar's.

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