Tuesday, September 20, 2016


Hello and welcome back to my blog today I will be blogging about my PBL. For my PBL I chose to do a poster on gymnast Courtney McGregor.  Enjoy my blog!

Project Topic: Courtney McGregor, Poster

Photo/Screenshot of Project (insert below)
Full Gym Poster.JPG

Finish these starters:
  • Something I enjoyed about my project was creating my mini gymnasts because It was fun putting them in different positions. Like in the Splits, Bridge and Press handstand.

  • The most challenging thing about my project was making  the bars stay up because they kept falling over. They were made out of small straws.

  • The main skill I got better at was Finding good pieces of information. And I also got better at writing in my own words.      

  • Something interesting I learnt was Courtney started gymnastics when she was six years old.  And another piece of information was when Courtney found out she had made it into the Rio Olympics.
  • What I would most like to change about my project is my information into more about her life  because it would have more information.

  • I would like to do my next PBL about The History of Gymnastics. Because I want to learn more about it.

Choose three learning muscles and explain how you used them during your PBL.
I used Absorption when I was drawing Courtney McGregor

I used questioning when I was finding out information about Courtney McGregor.
I used planning when I was planning my project out.

Create a Description of Your Project


Calendar art

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Saturday, September 10, 2016

Hello and welcome back to my blog today I will be blogging about my color poem. I have work really hard on my color poem and I like it.


  • A witch zooming around on her broomstick in the dark night sky but suddenly you hear the bang of her landing in your backyard with her black cat.

  • The night sky when the stars have sadly disappeared and the darkness is here to stay.

  • Your new fluffy black kitten called Midnight as she rolls over and quietly meows and gives a grinning look.

  • A powercut when you are sitting silently in the dark as you feel it hotness of the the tiny burning candles.

  • Your black shiny hair being brushed softly with the gentle wind blowing it in a different direction.

  • A big gloomy fish slowly swimming in his dark cave filled with water.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Maths Work shop

Hello my name is Jodi and today I will be blogging about my workshop. I was learning about writing a topic sentence. This is my sentence and my topic sentence.
Workshop Prove It

I learnt how to write a topic sentence.

Here is an example:
You must not start your sentence with facts. You choose words that will help support your sentence.

Vault1.JPG     Vault2.JPG