Friday, August 12, 2016

Stem and Leaf graph

Stem and Leaf graph
Hello and welcome back to my blog. My name is Jodi and today I will be blogging about the stem and leaf graph. The Stem and leaf graph includes  Ones, Tens and Thousands. The graph shows the numbers by  adding numbers with commas. I just learnt how to read a stem and leaf graph yesterday. I am proud of my achievements. The Stem and Leaf graph is a very interesting graph. This is how a Stem and Leaf graph works. 
This Graph works by using tens and ones and is very different from other graphs.

74, 23, 56, 87, 12, 69, 87, 65, 46, 32, 43, 27, 19
Tens  Ones
0 -
1- 2,9
2- 3,7
3- 2
4- 6,3
5- 6
7- 4
8- 7,7

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

My learning blog post

Hello and welcome back to my blog today I will be blogging about the task I am going to be doing this term. This task is about the Olympics. It is about a topic of your choice. My topic is a New Zealand gymnast  called Courtney McGregor. My Task is going to be a poster of her with interesting facts. My main question is how did Courtney McGregor start gymnastics.
My Questions
What inspired her to do gymnastics?
How did she get into the Olympics?
When was she born?
What is her highest score in Floor?
What is her favorite flour routine?                                                                  
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My Cousins

                         !!!My Cousins!!!
Hello and welcome back to my blog my name is Jodi and today I will be blogging about my Cousins coming.
All my cousins came for my Nana's 90th. I had cousins come from Australia and Wellington. My Cousins From Wellington were my Cousin Emily and her Husband Grant and their sons Jarrah and Rowan. Jarrah has just turned six and has blonde hair  and is a real Monkey. Rowan is four and has brown hair he follows everything Jarrah does and tells him to do. My other cousins from Australia was my cousin Amy and her husband Mark and their daughter Hailey. Hailey has orange and brownish hair and she is a few months older than me she is eleven. She basically likes everything I like. I had a lot of fun when I went with Hailey to where she was staying and I stayed the night and for dinner we had Thai. In the  morning we played charades with Jarrah and Rowan. We had a Heap of fun that morning. That day we had an afternoon tea for my Nana. Jarrah and Rowan and my niece Madelyn and my nephew Zack decorated the first cake with lots of lollies. The next day Me and Hailey decorated the other cake with cute flowers, gel and little lollies. It's really funny when Madelyn and Jarrah play.  Madelyn gets really grumpy when he tells her what to do!!!

Jarrah, Madelyn, Zack, Me, Rowan and Hailey

Singing happy birthday to Nana
Jarrah, me, Hailey and Rowan

Me, Hailey and Madelyn


Jarrah and Hailey