Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Bell Rock

                                  Bell Rock
Hi I'm Jodi and today I will be blogging about Bell Rock. I am blogging this because It was a really fun experience. I went to Bell Rock with my sister Tracey and her husband Colin and Ashley came too.
When we hopped out of the car we stopped near a bush, we saw a Kaka eating. The kaka was so clever because it used it's claws to pick up the fruit and open up the feeder. A kaka is a native bird that is brown with a reddish chest and under it's wings it is bright orange.

After that we hopped back into the car. We hopped out again and went walking and walking and walking till we got to the last hill. Or so we thought.  "This is the last hill" called Colin. I walked up the hill it was almost straight up. Yay! We had finished the walk. But nope we were not finished. We stopped for chocolate anyway. We finally got to Bell Rock.  It is called Bell Rock because it looks like A Bell. The wind was blowing like crazy Ashley and I sat on a seat like part at the bottom and ate lollies.
After that we climbed up to the top of Bell Rock. I sat there with the wind flowing through my hair. I felt like I was going to fall down and down to the deep pit of rocks. The long day was over and we went home.

Here are some photos

The kaka feeding

Looking down from Bell Rock

This is us on Bell Rock

Tracey on Bell Rock

Me on Bell Rock

Colin on Bell Rock

Me and Tracey sitting on the edge.


  1. Wow Jodi! It looks like you had an amazing time at Bell Rock.

  2. Nice work Jodi, I love all the descriptive writing and the photos are absolutely AWESOME. Keep up the super cool blog posts. Liske

  3. wow that looks so fun:] :] :] :]:]:]

  4. Goodness! That does sound like a lot of walking Jodi.
    I am so glad that you didn't fall into the deep pit of rocks.
    Great blog post.

  5. wow Tracy looks a lot like Miss Hill

  6. WOW! Jodi that does sure sounds like a lot of fun.Nice job on this post keep up the great work.

  7. Awesome Jodi!
    That looks very high! Were you scared! It must be lots of fun!
    Good Job!

  8. that is amazing I wish I could come with you.