Sunday, June 19, 2016


Hello and welcome back to my blog today I am going to be sharing my Iproud. For my Iproud I have chosen my free choice writing called Candy Land. Hope you enjoy my writing.


Once upon a time there lived a girl called Lyndy. She loved to go to the old fashioned candy store. It was her Grandpapa's store. So sometimes Lyndy  would get free candy from her Grandpapa. But one day Lyndy fell asleep at her Grandpapa's house she had a dream about the Land of Candy. She dreamt that  she was in Candy land and she saw a vision it was Princess Bubblegum Calling out to her help, help Lyndy   help Lyndy, Lyndy don’t fade away away from me help. She woke up a large  light pink unicorn was standing outside her bedroom window  with a note attached to it’s  saddle. It Said,
Dear Lyndy,

Evil King Billy  has taken over Candy Land but he has not taken over Sugar Town. I have sent you a magic unicorn to help you find the way. Please come and help us, our world is falling apart day by day.  

I have left you a magic Crystal necklace  it is the most powerful magic in the Kingdom.
From Princess Bubblegum

The next morning when Lyndy woke up she went down stairs for breakfast to find  two ugly trolls in place of her Grandmama and Grandpapa. The Grandmama troll Said darling, do want some orange juice and french toast. “Ummmmm, I’m not hungry” Lyndy said. Lyndy ran up stairs the unicorn was still there. Lyndy grabbed the Crystal necklace and put it around her neck and she was off to save Candy Land.

She did not understand  why this Princess Bubblegum figure  had asked her to Save Candy Land. Why  not just call the police or the government or someone else. But just why a child,why ?

It was the second day of Lyndy's adventure the previous day was kinda boring she wished she had walked into giants or something like that. Well she got what she wished for. She saw a big shadow circling her from head to toe. It was an enormous giant. It was as angry as flames.  Lyndy was scared of this giant but she knew that everyone had a heart no matter what. With a tiny bit of fear she got closer and closer to the giant. “What do you want ?” he said with a rang of sadness and anger.
“Mr giant sir, are you alright”,
"No I was fighting an tiny armadillo called Steve we were swinging little sticks at each over, Oh I forgot to mention we were play fighting,
and Steve got a sharp thorn from Tom the fox. Steve threw the thorn at me and it is stuck in my tail”,
Lyndy took a running jump and pulled the thorn out of the giants tail.
The giant was shocked owwwww he screamed. But all the pain was gone. He flicked Lyndy a smile. “ Is there anything I can do to help you Madam” Said the giant.
“Well there are two things I will need of you,  Could you tell me your name because I can’t just call you giant can I? ”
“Well uh uh ummm I do not have a name, I know when people see me they say ahhhhh scary giant, so that must be my name” Said the giant
“I don’t think so, how about Rupert? ” said Lyndy
“Sure why not” said Rupert.

The other thing I need of you is to show me the way to Princess Bubblegum's castle.
“ I will show you the way to morrow It is very late,
I will take you to the best hotel in Candy Land but we will have to travel to Sugar town”.   But by the time Rupert had finished talking Lyndy was asleep.

The next morning  when Lyndy Woke up she was in bed. There was sugar everywhere. Her bed was made of sugar but she had Candy floss pillows and blankets. A short stubby ompalumpa came, but it was not a man  like in her favorite movie Charlie and the Chocolate factory. It was a ladies with flowing hair that looked like Candy Floss. “ Hello love, my name is  Lavender I work here”
“ Umm do you know where Rupert is ,big giant, yay high, ring a bell” Asked Lyndy
“ Yes he got carried off by King Billy's giant guards
“Oh no” Cried Lyndy.
Lyndy ran off and fount Rupert. She found Billy. He ran from her and she ran too. The king was tired her fell to the ground in a deep sleep. Lyndy had put him to sleep with her necklace.  He woke up and flew away along way from Candy Land and so did his guards. Candy Land was safe. Lyndy got rewarded with a gold medal and she got to bring her family to Candy Land and live there forever.
The End
Wait, wait a minute that's not  how it ended. Rupert came and lived with them. He and Lyndy loved to play in the woods with Princess Bubblegum. And that is how it ended

                                                 The Real End

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Bell Rock

                                  Bell Rock
Hi I'm Jodi and today I will be blogging about Bell Rock. I am blogging this because It was a really fun experience. I went to Bell Rock with my sister Tracey and her husband Colin and Ashley came too.
When we hopped out of the car we stopped near a bush, we saw a Kaka eating. The kaka was so clever because it used it's claws to pick up the fruit and open up the feeder. A kaka is a native bird that is brown with a reddish chest and under it's wings it is bright orange.

After that we hopped back into the car. We hopped out again and went walking and walking and walking till we got to the last hill. Or so we thought.  "This is the last hill" called Colin. I walked up the hill it was almost straight up. Yay! We had finished the walk. But nope we were not finished. We stopped for chocolate anyway. We finally got to Bell Rock.  It is called Bell Rock because it looks like A Bell. The wind was blowing like crazy Ashley and I sat on a seat like part at the bottom and ate lollies.
After that we climbed up to the top of Bell Rock. I sat there with the wind flowing through my hair. I felt like I was going to fall down and down to the deep pit of rocks. The long day was over and we went home.

Here are some photos

The kaka feeding

Looking down from Bell Rock

This is us on Bell Rock

Tracey on Bell Rock

Me on Bell Rock

Colin on Bell Rock

Me and Tracey sitting on the edge.

My Book

hope you enjoy my blog

Hello and welcome to my Blog today I am going to be sharing my reading  task  I am in the Lions group. Lions is the top reading group. Mrs Love is my reading teacher. Last week our task was to make a book for a younger person or someone who can not read.  I finished my book it is about going to the Zoo. You have to find the Zoo keepers sister. everything is black and white except for the Zoo keepers sister.

This is my Book                            This is the cover for my book
The Zoo