Tuesday, April 5, 2016

The River Walk

I am sharing this because I worked really hard on this piece of writing. I use very detailed words to make a it sound better. 

WALT: communicate our ideas
Text Type: Recount
Purpose: inform the reader
Success Criteria:
  • Structure - introduction (what, who, where, when) / middle (events & details)  / conclusion
  • Use different sentence starters (words to begin your sentences)
  • In order of time
  • Your best spelling and punctuation

The river walk

Suddenly I scream a small eel wraps around my ankle, but it’s not a eel, it’s twisty stick. I swim into the deep water, but then the current changes and it goes shallow my knees scrape against the sharp rocks, like birisels in a car wash. My eyes widen wider and wider I gaze at the tree Sweet pea the dog is climbing it  I rub my eyes  for a moment, then glare at the tree again in amazement. A Jack Russell  is climbing a tree. I wonder if my sister's dogs can do that?