Tuesday, February 23, 2016

My favorite task

Hello and welcome back to my blog . This week I will be blogging  about my reading task. I am sharing this because I worked really hard on this. I wrote about my favorite book called Demon Dentist. It is a very detailed and funny book. I love it. It's a David Williams book he is the best writer in the world. This is an AWESOME book. 
This is my book report .

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Wedding preparations week 1 term 1

Hello and welcome back to my blog for 2016. My name is Jodi i'm in Rimu hub this year. I will be blogging about the wedding preparations for my sister Rachel's Wedding. On the weekend we went shoe shopping for the wedding with My two sister Rachel and Charlotte and My niece Madelyn. It took hours and hours and hours it was really boring. We had to find shoes that went with our dresses, also we picked up a light pink head band. Finally after hours and hours we were done. Our dresses are light apricot pink. Well I hope. The wedding is next weekend.

Her are the final touches
This is Madelyn and me
Madelyn is in her flower girl dress
and i'm in my junior bridesmaid dress.  
This my niece Madelyn in her Flower girl dress .