Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Multiplication Strategies

Multiplication strategies

Hello and welcome back to my blog. Today I will be blogging about maths. This week we have been learning about multiplication strategies. The strategy's we have been learning were Place Value, Repeated Addition, Double & Double and Double & Half.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016


Hello and welcome back to my blog today I am going to blog about P.E. For P.E we have been trowing and doing relay races. My favorite thing to do is throwing. One  thing about throwing is you have to am at the target. Relay races were also fun when we learnt how to grab the baton.  Enjoy my blog post  

Put your hand out where you want the ball to go. 

Bring your arm up in a rotation.

And finally let the ball go.
                                                                     Relay Races.
Put your hand out like this to grab the baton.

your partner should run up and when they get close start running slowly. 
Grab the baton and run to the finish line. 

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Miss Peregrine's home for peculiar children, Retell

Hello and welcome back to my blog today I am going to show you my retell of Miss Peregrine's home for peculiar children. I choose to retell Miss Peregrine's home for peculiar children because I really enjoyed the movie.

Miss Peregrine's home for peculiar children Retell

Jake opened the door to his Grandfather's house. Grandpa's  fly screen door was shredded into pieces, something had entered His Grandfather’s old Flatt . Grandpa had disappeared from his flat. Jake grabbed Grandpa’s old antique torch that was left to him from Jake's Grandmother, Jake ran outside to torch would not work, Jake slapped the torch and finally the torch glitch and flamed into light. Grandpa  was on the grass in a odd position. Grandpa grabbed Jake’s arm in pain. Jake looked at Grandpa’s eyes, his eye sockets were empty, What had happened to his Grandfather? Jake saw a tall monster was and a man with bright white hair and tiny black pupils. His eyes were discolored. Jake was going crazy  about the stories his now lost had told him about the Peculiars. Jake had to find them for his Grandfather's sake.

Jake jumped on a boat to find the children. He jumped off and walked around Wales. He finally found a old building that had been burnt  to the ground. There was a bit of rocking stone left over. Jake was disappointed he would not find them. But in the corner his eye Jake saw the building  come back to life. With tiny dents in the glass. Jake just had to explore. Just before he opened the door he saw a small sign it said.
Miss Peregrine's
              Home for Peculiar Children
In Jake’s mind he was going crazy. He was finally going to meet the Peculiars. It was like he was in Grandpa’s stories.

Jake was walking down the corridor. His footsteps made loud thuds on the wooden floor. Two little heads peek out around the door. Then a girl with metal shoes. Jake ran out of the Building screaming. He tripped on a rock and crashes to the ground. Jake wakes up in a cart with the girl with the metal shoes and twins. They arrive at a big fancy house. “Your late Jake” said Miss Peregrine “Huh” said Jake “ Miss Peregrine” Said Miss Peregrine putting her hand out.

Jake ignored her hand. A little girl came and lifted him up “Is this little girl, Bronwyn” “ Yes Jake” said Bronwyn. A boy came out of a door and Said “come with me”  “Are you Enoch” said Jake Enoch did not really like Jake so he ignored him. They walked into a little room. A boy was in a bed his eye sockets were empty like his Grandfather. Enoch put a heart in the boy. The boy stayed still and in a fast motion he sat up giving Jake a fright. “ Hello my name is Victor  would you like to know how I died. Jake ran out of the building again.

But a giant monster called a Hollow  grabbed him with its giant tentacles on his head. Its tongue was side to side along his eyes. Was this going to be Jake's death. But suddenly a girl on a rope flew to Jake that was the girl with the metal shoes “Hello my name is Emma” “No time to talk” said Jake. Emma could not see the Hollow. Emma some how managed to distract the Hollow. Miss Peregrine shot the Hollow. Emma grabbed Jake and Miss Peregrine pulled them down. Jake thanked them and he met all the peculiar's.

My Sketching

My Sketching
 Hello and welcome back to my blog today I will be blogging about my sketching. I focused my art on stationary. The learning muscle I mainly used when I was sketching was my absorption muscle. The part of my art I am most proud of is the shadow of the pencil container. The trickiest part of my art was making the stationary look 3D. 
This is my art

Tuesday, September 20, 2016


Hello and welcome back to my blog today I will be blogging about my PBL. For my PBL I chose to do a poster on gymnast Courtney McGregor.  Enjoy my blog!

Project Topic: Courtney McGregor, Poster

Photo/Screenshot of Project (insert below)
Full Gym Poster.JPG

Finish these starters:
  • Something I enjoyed about my project was creating my mini gymnasts because It was fun putting them in different positions. Like in the Splits, Bridge and Press handstand.

  • The most challenging thing about my project was making  the bars stay up because they kept falling over. They were made out of small straws.

  • The main skill I got better at was Finding good pieces of information. And I also got better at writing in my own words.      

  • Something interesting I learnt was Courtney started gymnastics when she was six years old.  And another piece of information was when Courtney found out she had made it into the Rio Olympics.
  • What I would most like to change about my project is my information into more about her life  because it would have more information.

  • I would like to do my next PBL about The History of Gymnastics. Because I want to learn more about it.

Choose three learning muscles and explain how you used them during your PBL.
I used Absorption when I was drawing Courtney McGregor

I used questioning when I was finding out information about Courtney McGregor.
I used planning when I was planning my project out.

Create a Description of Your Project


Calendar art

Hello and welcome back to my blog today I will be selling my calendar art. !!!ENJOY!!!
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Saturday, September 10, 2016

Hello and welcome back to my blog today I will be blogging about my color poem. I have work really hard on my color poem and I like it.


  • A witch zooming around on her broomstick in the dark night sky but suddenly you hear the bang of her landing in your backyard with her black cat.

  • The night sky when the stars have sadly disappeared and the darkness is here to stay.

  • Your new fluffy black kitten called Midnight as she rolls over and quietly meows and gives a grinning look.

  • A powercut when you are sitting silently in the dark as you feel it hotness of the the tiny burning candles.

  • Your black shiny hair being brushed softly with the gentle wind blowing it in a different direction.

  • A big gloomy fish slowly swimming in his dark cave filled with water.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Maths Work shop

Hello my name is Jodi and today I will be blogging about my workshop. I was learning about writing a topic sentence. This is my sentence and my topic sentence.
Workshop Prove It

I learnt how to write a topic sentence.

Here is an example:
You must not start your sentence with facts. You choose words that will help support your sentence.

Vault1.JPG     Vault2.JPG

Friday, August 12, 2016

Stem and Leaf graph

Stem and Leaf graph
Hello and welcome back to my blog. My name is Jodi and today I will be blogging about the stem and leaf graph. The Stem and leaf graph includes  Ones, Tens and Thousands. The graph shows the numbers by  adding numbers with commas. I just learnt how to read a stem and leaf graph yesterday. I am proud of my achievements. The Stem and Leaf graph is a very interesting graph. This is how a Stem and Leaf graph works. 
This Graph works by using tens and ones and is very different from other graphs.

74, 23, 56, 87, 12, 69, 87, 65, 46, 32, 43, 27, 19
Tens  Ones
0 -
1- 2,9
2- 3,7
3- 2
4- 6,3
5- 6
7- 4
8- 7,7

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

My learning blog post

Hello and welcome back to my blog today I will be blogging about the task I am going to be doing this term. This task is about the Olympics. It is about a topic of your choice. My topic is a New Zealand gymnast  called Courtney McGregor. My Task is going to be a poster of her with interesting facts. My main question is how did Courtney McGregor start gymnastics.
My Questions
What inspired her to do gymnastics?
How did she get into the Olympics?
When was she born?
What is her highest score in Floor?
What is her favorite flour routine?                                                                  
Image result for courtney mcgregor gymnast

My Cousins

                         !!!My Cousins!!!
Hello and welcome back to my blog my name is Jodi and today I will be blogging about my Cousins coming.
All my cousins came for my Nana's 90th. I had cousins come from Australia and Wellington. My Cousins From Wellington were my Cousin Emily and her Husband Grant and their sons Jarrah and Rowan. Jarrah has just turned six and has blonde hair  and is a real Monkey. Rowan is four and has brown hair he follows everything Jarrah does and tells him to do. My other cousins from Australia was my cousin Amy and her husband Mark and their daughter Hailey. Hailey has orange and brownish hair and she is a few months older than me she is eleven. She basically likes everything I like. I had a lot of fun when I went with Hailey to where she was staying and I stayed the night and for dinner we had Thai. In the  morning we played charades with Jarrah and Rowan. We had a Heap of fun that morning. That day we had an afternoon tea for my Nana. Jarrah and Rowan and my niece Madelyn and my nephew Zack decorated the first cake with lots of lollies. The next day Me and Hailey decorated the other cake with cute flowers, gel and little lollies. It's really funny when Madelyn and Jarrah play.  Madelyn gets really grumpy when he tells her what to do!!!

Jarrah, Madelyn, Zack, Me, Rowan and Hailey

Singing happy birthday to Nana
Jarrah, me, Hailey and Rowan

Me, Hailey and Madelyn


Jarrah and Hailey

Friday, July 8, 2016

Passion Project

Hello and welcome back to my blog. Today I will be blogging about my passion project. My passion project was to draw a poster with some facts. The animals were Caterpillar snake, Red eyed frog, Toucan, Golden tamarin and Sloth. This is a photo of my poster. Did you know the Snake Caterpillar extends is body into a snake. The Red eyed tree frog is mostly nocturnal. The golden tamarin monkeys live in groups of two to eight. Sloths are slow because they don't eat energetic food. Toucans live to live in tropical forests.

Describe your passion project. What was your learning in it? What were you trying to produce:
I was making a poster with drawings of amazon animals and some facts about the animals. Like Golden Tamarin Monkeys live in groups of two to eight. And I drew a pitcher of a Golden Tamarin Monkey with a baby on it’s back.  

How far did you get with your passion project? What would have helped you to get further?:
I set a goal for learning about five different animals in the amazon. After I set the goal I worked really hard on the task and I did do my goal and added some of the food they like to eat. But to make it better I could have added some more information about the animals.

What was the most challenging part of your passion project:
My most challenging thing about my passion project was finding true facts about the animals. I also think it was hard to draw the animals to look just like the animal.

What was surprising about your passion project:
I was surprised about all the different animals I found. Like the snake caterpillar it makes itself look like a snake. But It really looks like someone cut the snake in half.
Did you follow your plan well? Why or why not:
I followed my plan well because I said I was going find out about five animals and I did. But I think I could make my my poster more interesting by adding more animals.

Which learning muscles did you use the most while you were working on your passion project? How did you use each one:
I used my managing distractions because I stayed focused on my task with all the activity around me. I also tried to think about who I sat by.

Which learning muscles did you find difficult to stretch during passion project time:
I found it hard to stretch my listening muscle with all the other activities. But I moved closer so I could hear what the teacher said.

If you were allowed to pick a new passion project, what would you choose and why:
I would choose to learn about kittens because I really love animals and especially cats and kittens.

What was your favorite part of passion projects:
My favorite part of passion projects is learning about all the unique animals from the Amazon. And drawing them with pride.    

Sunday, July 3, 2016


Hello and welcome to my blog today I am going to blog about Matariki. When we got back to school after the long weekend. We had the funnest day called Matariki. Matariki was really fun. There were lots of workshops. I choose Sewing and Zumba. For sewing we had to iron material onto another peace of material. After that we sew around it with red thread. We cut out seven stars. For Zumba we danced and jumped around and had lots of fun. We did lots of stretching with our dances. Overall I had an awesome day.
This is me tracing. 

This is Liske and I choosing materiel. 

This is me pulling out thread around the edges.  

Sunday, June 19, 2016


Hello and welcome back to my blog today I am going to be sharing my Iproud. For my Iproud I have chosen my free choice writing called Candy Land. Hope you enjoy my writing.


Once upon a time there lived a girl called Lyndy. She loved to go to the old fashioned candy store. It was her Grandpapa's store. So sometimes Lyndy  would get free candy from her Grandpapa. But one day Lyndy fell asleep at her Grandpapa's house she had a dream about the Land of Candy. She dreamt that  she was in Candy land and she saw a vision it was Princess Bubblegum Calling out to her help, help Lyndy   help Lyndy, Lyndy don’t fade away away from me help. She woke up a large  light pink unicorn was standing outside her bedroom window  with a note attached to it’s  saddle. It Said,
Dear Lyndy,

Evil King Billy  has taken over Candy Land but he has not taken over Sugar Town. I have sent you a magic unicorn to help you find the way. Please come and help us, our world is falling apart day by day.  

I have left you a magic Crystal necklace  it is the most powerful magic in the Kingdom.
From Princess Bubblegum

The next morning when Lyndy woke up she went down stairs for breakfast to find  two ugly trolls in place of her Grandmama and Grandpapa. The Grandmama troll Said darling, do want some orange juice and french toast. “Ummmmm, I’m not hungry” Lyndy said. Lyndy ran up stairs the unicorn was still there. Lyndy grabbed the Crystal necklace and put it around her neck and she was off to save Candy Land.

She did not understand  why this Princess Bubblegum figure  had asked her to Save Candy Land. Why  not just call the police or the government or someone else. But just why a child,why ?

It was the second day of Lyndy's adventure the previous day was kinda boring she wished she had walked into giants or something like that. Well she got what she wished for. She saw a big shadow circling her from head to toe. It was an enormous giant. It was as angry as flames.  Lyndy was scared of this giant but she knew that everyone had a heart no matter what. With a tiny bit of fear she got closer and closer to the giant. “What do you want ?” he said with a rang of sadness and anger.
“Mr giant sir, are you alright”,
"No I was fighting an tiny armadillo called Steve we were swinging little sticks at each over, Oh I forgot to mention we were play fighting,
and Steve got a sharp thorn from Tom the fox. Steve threw the thorn at me and it is stuck in my tail”,
Lyndy took a running jump and pulled the thorn out of the giants tail.
The giant was shocked owwwww he screamed. But all the pain was gone. He flicked Lyndy a smile. “ Is there anything I can do to help you Madam” Said the giant.
“Well there are two things I will need of you,  Could you tell me your name because I can’t just call you giant can I? ”
“Well uh uh ummm I do not have a name, I know when people see me they say ahhhhh scary giant, so that must be my name” Said the giant
“I don’t think so, how about Rupert? ” said Lyndy
“Sure why not” said Rupert.

The other thing I need of you is to show me the way to Princess Bubblegum's castle.
“ I will show you the way to morrow It is very late,
I will take you to the best hotel in Candy Land but we will have to travel to Sugar town”.   But by the time Rupert had finished talking Lyndy was asleep.

The next morning  when Lyndy Woke up she was in bed. There was sugar everywhere. Her bed was made of sugar but she had Candy floss pillows and blankets. A short stubby ompalumpa came, but it was not a man  like in her favorite movie Charlie and the Chocolate factory. It was a ladies with flowing hair that looked like Candy Floss. “ Hello love, my name is  Lavender I work here”
“ Umm do you know where Rupert is ,big giant, yay high, ring a bell” Asked Lyndy
“ Yes he got carried off by King Billy's giant guards
“Oh no” Cried Lyndy.
Lyndy ran off and fount Rupert. She found Billy. He ran from her and she ran too. The king was tired her fell to the ground in a deep sleep. Lyndy had put him to sleep with her necklace.  He woke up and flew away along way from Candy Land and so did his guards. Candy Land was safe. Lyndy got rewarded with a gold medal and she got to bring her family to Candy Land and live there forever.
The End
Wait, wait a minute that's not  how it ended. Rupert came and lived with them. He and Lyndy loved to play in the woods with Princess Bubblegum. And that is how it ended

                                                 The Real End

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Bell Rock

                                  Bell Rock
Hi I'm Jodi and today I will be blogging about Bell Rock. I am blogging this because It was a really fun experience. I went to Bell Rock with my sister Tracey and her husband Colin and Ashley came too.
When we hopped out of the car we stopped near a bush, we saw a Kaka eating. The kaka was so clever because it used it's claws to pick up the fruit and open up the feeder. A kaka is a native bird that is brown with a reddish chest and under it's wings it is bright orange.

After that we hopped back into the car. We hopped out again and went walking and walking and walking till we got to the last hill. Or so we thought.  "This is the last hill" called Colin. I walked up the hill it was almost straight up. Yay! We had finished the walk. But nope we were not finished. We stopped for chocolate anyway. We finally got to Bell Rock.  It is called Bell Rock because it looks like A Bell. The wind was blowing like crazy Ashley and I sat on a seat like part at the bottom and ate lollies.
After that we climbed up to the top of Bell Rock. I sat there with the wind flowing through my hair. I felt like I was going to fall down and down to the deep pit of rocks. The long day was over and we went home.

Here are some photos

The kaka feeding

Looking down from Bell Rock

This is us on Bell Rock

Tracey on Bell Rock

Me on Bell Rock

Colin on Bell Rock

Me and Tracey sitting on the edge.

My Book

hope you enjoy my blog

Hello and welcome to my Blog today I am going to be sharing my reading  task  I am in the Lions group. Lions is the top reading group. Mrs Love is my reading teacher. Last week our task was to make a book for a younger person or someone who can not read.  I finished my book it is about going to the Zoo. You have to find the Zoo keepers sister. everything is black and white except for the Zoo keepers sister.

This is my Book                            This is the cover for my book
The Zoo

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Maths task two

Hi my name is Jodi and today I will be blogging about my maths measurement task. I am sharing this because I worked really hard on this task and did a lot of measuring.  

  Right answers
 Khushi’s estimates
Small Blue table
One meter & 20
½ cm
1.One meter & one 6 cm
2. One meter
3. One meter and 20 cm
White door
Two meters
1. Two meters and 5 cm
2. Two meters
She got it right the second time!
Big blue table
One meter and 20 cm
1. One meter and 13 cm   
2. One meter and 20 cm    
She got it right the first time!
Mrs Carr’s big white board One meter and 25 cm  
1. One meter and 20 cm  
2. Two meters and 22 cm  
3. One meter and 23 cm   
Door way to the quiet
Room two meter and 6 cm
1.    Two meters  
2.  Two meters and 20 cm  
3.  Two meters and 6 cm   
She got it right the third time!