Monday, June 29, 2015

Matariki Wk 10

Matariki 2015
We are learning about Matariki
Task One: Workshop Reflection
Choose your favourite workshop. Write a reflection about what you did in your workshop.
Mural Art
Success Criteria:
  • explains what the workshop was all about
  • shows why and how you enjoyed it (personal voice)
  • shares what you learnt
  • includes a photo of the activity (hopefully with you in it)
  • has that something extra special (e.g. instructions on how you could do the activity too)

Mural Art

On Friday we had our Matariki day. Matariki was set up into ten workshops. I was in Mural Art and we painted a big Mural to put somewhere in the school. When we were not painting the Mural, we were painting rocks or drawing.

I enjoyed  Matariki because  of all the painting and wacky fun.
I learnt how to paint the out line of the koru.

Mural Art

1. Draw a big  mural with patterns your choice.
2.Choose your  colors.
3.Choose your paint brushes sizes.
4.Start painting your mural.( Leave the black till last)
5. With a skinny brush paint the out line black.
6. Leave the mural to dry and you are done.

PicCollage (1).jpg
I am blogging this because I am really proud of my work.
We were explaining about our day.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Maze week 9

I am blogging this because I was really happy with my hard work.
We were learning how to make a maze and be creative.

For home work we had to make a maze.My maze includes a ice sculpture in the middle, lots of animals and people. My maze also has Princess Anna, Queen Elsa and Olaf. Olaf stands on a arched bridge to help him see the ice sculpture better.


Kahurangi wk 8 term two

I am blogging this because:I a'm proud of my writing and I a'm really happy about it.
We were learning about:Making potato plates and setting out the instructions.

A Plate of Potatoes
WALT- summarise information

Explain how potato plates are made

1: The inside of potatoes comes from the factories where potatoes chips are made.To make chips potatoes are put into a speedy flowing water.The water pulls the potatoes through a potato screen that has sharp wires to cut the potatoes into chip shapes.

2:After this,the water is completely full of starch.This water goes into a big machine that takes all the water and keeps the dry starch powder behind.

3:The dried starch is a bit like flour.It is mixed with water and food coloring to make a really pretty  colored past.  

4:The colorful past is put into a plate-shaped mold. The top of the top of the mold is shut,and the past starts to cook,just like Waffles in a waffle maker.The plates done when it’s firm and dry It's ready to use.

For reading my reading group we read a book called a plate of potatoes. We had to set of instructions of how to make potato plates.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

The Robot Mum 8000 wk 7

For writing Sage and I have made a Robot Mum 8000. It does all the house work and cooks dinner.
The Robot Mum 8000 does the washing and cleaning and gives animals' baths and when it needs to be charged, it even plugs itself in.
You need it!!!