Friday, February 20, 2015

Week Three: The Bee hive

The bee hive
My friends mum, Justine, went to cut a lemon when my friends little brother, Jordan, saw a bee hive. So the next day they called our friend Mike to cut it out. He came to cut it out but... the next day they made another one. They are still making the 2nd bee hive but it is not that safe to go outside because there are hundreds of angry bees that are looking for their QUEEN! They do this spinning tornado twirl and chase you if you go near so I will stay away.
taking the pol in 
making  honey 
2nd bee hive

flying bees

Wednesday, February 18, 2015


My Superhero Black n Red

The power to shoot fire from my hand. The arrows shoot right into the heart and never miss. The black arrows shoot to kill and red shoot to save inasent people
Black n Red was a derecder called Ally Grace until she was in the woods to go to dereced  a movie, she got bitten by a magical  snake and she became Black n Red and now she fights to save the world
Black n Red
thigh high blood red boots, short  skeert to match her boots. Pitch black tights and a blind black half sleeved tshirt. Her mask is jet black that shows her dreamy blue eyes. She has a tail with a thorn on the end that makes thunder storms. She has a bow and a quiver that caries  never ending suply of arows.
Secret Identity
She is a liberean called Elsa Kay she weres a light blue dress with a pink carde most days.
Sidekick / Team
Is a sant bernard called Barny. He is a cudly sant bernard that children read to in the libery and can sniff out the badies.
Her weakness is the blazing sun. The bright sun makes her black out.
Her enemy is Charlie her sister
She lives in a spider web the shape of a tunel
Her quiver made out of red panda skin and her arows are made out of magicel snake skin they fly through the air because they are so smooth. The bow is the coulor as black as the black widow spider.
To save the world from Charlie her evill sister and other vilens

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Aunty Jodi

My niece is called Madelyn she is two and a half she loves Elsa , Anna and the Wiggels. The songs she likes are let it go , All about that bass , shake it off , Bang bang , Lips are mov'in and she likes to sing loudly and dances . She loves playing with dolls with me. She tell us  off some times "No that not yours thats mine". Shes very fussy with her cloths, she LOVES dresses .

Zack is my nephew he is all most one. He likes Barney and Tomas the Tank engine. He also likes to dance with me to Thinking out loud and he loves dancing to Nana Moos music with Nana  Bob. Hes good at walking with the toy pram but he can't walk hes  as fast as a lightning strike when he crawls. Zacky  smiles a lot and screams too.

I loved being a Aunty, when I  look after my niece we play hidenseek together we dance to the Edge TV and play in my play house some times Madelyn sits on my lap when I ride the trysicle.

When I look after my nephew Zack we play with hard teething toys  and we look at my pets because Zack loves looking at  animals.

Its very exzoursting being a Aunty.